Food Handling & Processing

  • A leading grocer chose Laughlin to design and build their new lean manufacturing "Case Ready" meat plant. Initial production was so good that the new plant was ahead of plan year three.
  • High speed tortilla handling and distribution enabled a premier Mexican food manufacturer to boost burrito output to 800 units per minute.
  • Individual dairy creamer output and efficiency was increased by installing a redesigned production line.
  • A redesigned fruit tray packing line helped our client meet his fast food customer’s volume and deadline requirements.
  • Breaded, frozen fish fillets run 24/7 on four fully automatic processing/bagging lines at a major fish processing plant.
  • Laughlin Conveyor designed a series of conveyorized bunkers that would each hold 40,000 pounds (20 tons) of jalapeno peppers coming in from the field. On demand, stored peppers could be conveyed into production.


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